Marketing is an industry that changes drastically. Brands are constantly changing the way they market their products. They always want to explore different strategies to see what fits them the most. Sometimes it’s too expensive to send your product to 150 nano-influencers. Have a look at some creative ideas and workarounds for engaging with nano-influencers at scale.

Customized AR filter: 

Augmented reality (AR) filters are computer-generated effects layered over the real-life image of your camera displays. In Instagram Stories, an AR filter alters the image of your front or back camera displays. The usage of AR filters has grown in recent times especially after the launch of the game Pokemon Go. Companies like Adidas, Taco Bell are all using AR filters for promoting their brands and it’s definitely a hit amongst their audience. Take a look at our brands that used AR filters. It’s definitely an amazing idea if you have the budget for it.

We loved every aspect of this AR filter, the color of the cup changes when you nod your head showcasing the variety they have, notice how they’ve also added the name of the cup which pops up on the head of influencers. It’s also a unique selling point of their brand.

Carousel post with Branded frames

As we said, our brands love experimenting and this is a creative campaign that HappyFresh ran with us using their custom-made PNG frames for influencers to promote their brands. This approach is budget-friendly and effective in terms of engagement. PNG frames aren’t time-consuming in terms of production. There are a total of 3 posts, the first one contains the frame which has a shopper bag design. The second image contains more details on how you can place an order using their app in 4 easy steps and also showcases their new “personal shopper feature”. In the third image, they have added a coupon code for first-time users.

Using the frame along with the influencer in the first image grabs the attention of the audience and creates a curiosity to swipe and read more. Within a carousel post, you can include all the details that you want to convey to your viewers as you can see.

Video on location

Some brands went a step ahead and had the influencer shoot a video reviewing their products at their store/ physical location. This worked really well for Decathlon who had their new branch’s grand opening at Rama2. This also increased footfalls at their physical location on the day of the grand opening. Influencers were reviewing the products that they loved from the outlet and even described the live events that happened there.

Influencer marketing is very vast in terms of what could be done. If you have the ideas, we can help you get the best out of them.