Influencer Marketing, Ha?

Peer-to-peer marketing generates meaningful exchanges between consumers and your products or services. It is trustworthy, authentic, and very engaging. The intimacy between nano-influencers and their followers allows for interactions that would have never happened otherwise, leading to meaningful insights for brand managers and digital marketers. We offer several customization options in order to help managers achieve their objectives, but it is important to first understand the secret behind nano-influencers.

listen to influencers before making a purchase

The Secret Behind Nano-Influencers

Brands have been creating awareness and driving sales for centuries through various channels; newspaper ads, billboards, magazines, videos, celebrity endorsements, and so on. The one thing they had in common: they were monitoring their ROAS (return on advertising spend). Where am I getting the best returns? How engaging is my content? Is this cost-effective? When it comes down to nano-influencers, you are getting the best bang for your buck.


More trustworthy content than any other paid media


More memorable content than any other paid media


people turn to influencers for shopping suggestions

are influenced by friends and family, while only 23% trust celebs

Brandface, Your influencer marketing platform

Crowd influencer marketing campaigns at Brandface can involve hundreds of university students sharing personalized, curated, and branded content onto Instagram in a single hour. They will be the face of your product and share your offer with their friends, family, and peers. It is why crowd influencer marketing is also known as peer-to-peer marketing.

Peer-to-peer marketing campaigns are executed by nano-influencers. These are not your celebrities with millions or even hundreds of thousands of followers. They are your everyday consumers, real people, university students, needing only 500 or more followers to sign up.

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Customizable Targeting

The effectiveness of influencer marketing lies in the relevance of your influencers. Let our proprietary algorithm do the work for you.

Influencer <> Brand matching has always been a challenge. This is even more challenging for crowd-influencer marketing campaigns where the influencer pools are in the hundreds. Brandface has developed a proprietary algorithm to solve this problem. Our algorithm automatically selects influencers on behalf of the brand, based on several variables and criterias including persona and performance. Our data-driven approach enables our brands with the most relevant and high performing influencers.


Campaign Management

Managing a crowd influencer marketing campaign is often a nightmare for most marketers, due to the number of people involved. At Brandface, we make this a breeze.

For crowd influencer marketing to work effectively, it is important that the influencers are simultaneously creating and posting content. During this process, there are several tasks such as influencer recruitment, briefing, follow ups, content management, and communications. We’ve built internal tools to help improve communications and content management so that marketers can get more done with less.


Influencer Management

Our influencers are brand-safe. Every profile is vetted in advance and follows our policy.

We ensure that influencers have brand-safe profiles (no guns, drugs, nudity) and real accounts. We support influencers with the onboarding process and continuously hold workshops to share tips about creating better content, becoming better influencers, and supporting them with any questions they have about campaigns and the tasks required.


Analytics & Reporting

Tracking data is very complicated at scale. Without any data, marketers gain very few insights. At Brandface, we take analytics and reporting seriously.

Within 3-7 days of each campaign end date, you will receive a report to highlight overall engagement and conversion metrics. Tracking and understanding data is typically a nightmare. Our team presents this in an easy-to-digest PDF, allowing you to learn from your previous campaign and strategize your next campaign almost instantly!


Quality Assurance

Every post is evaluated by our dedicated campaign coordinator.

Brandface evaluates every post to ensure that influencers are posting content in accordance to the brief provided by the brand or agency. In the event that an influencer has missed a specific word in a script, action, or caption, it is corrected before they actually upload the content.


Micro-Payment Management

Not sure how to pay hundreds of people? Don’t worry!

Most brands and agencies don’t have the infrastructure to handle several micropayments. It is tedious and very time-consuming. At Brandface, this is a seamless experience as marketers don’t have to worry about this at all. We ensure that all influencers are paid seamlessly, taking the heavy lifting off brands and agencies.


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