Project Description


The main objective was to raise awareness about British College’s UK Business degree, in which a student could study 3 years in Bangkok to earn an International UK Business degree. Influencers would drive their followers to click the link in their bio taking them to the British College’s online chat system.


It was simple: Go viral. We understood the campaign objective and help British University team set it. up. We wanted to give the campaign a personal touch, making the content more engaging. Since we wanted to drive traffic to their online chat system, we decided to use custom AR filter to make it more engaging and added a link in bio, making followers to click and get engaged.


We selected influencers based on the targeting group selected by university, mostly in age range of 20-30 who were university students and had huge followers behnd them with similar targeting requirement.  We utilized a custom British Flag filter to make the branded content more engaging to prospective students. That gave it the personal touch we wanted. 

The Process

We love making an instant impact. Our campaign with British College (Sripatum University) did just that.


We developed custom AR filter to be used by influencers.


This turned out to be one of our highest performing campaigns, generating a total of 23,646 video views, 6,792 engagements, and an engagement rate of 11.4%.

The campaign generated an engagement rate of 11.4%, beating the global average for nano-influencers (5.6%) by over 5% and beating the average for celebrity influencers (2%) by more than 9%! The influencers’ posts generated 772 leads, which led to 42 qualified enquiries, and 6 students being ready to apply for the upcoming semester.




Video Views


Link Clicks


Potential ROI