Covid has disrupted many businesses globally. The stay-at-home restrictions resulted in the closure of schools, colleges, and businesses. They all have now been shifted to online calls and video conferences, people are online more than ever.

As a result, this forced marketers to shift their strategy from conventional to online and social media marketing. Let’s learn more about the impact of Covid-19 and Influencer marketing on Instagram.

Impact of Covid-19 on businesses

The pandemic has resulted in a lot of restrictions globally which led to harsh economic conditions for a lot of brands. However, it was important for brands to stay active on social media and other channels in order to keep the communications open.

With Instagram being the most popular channel among the millennials, brands started to communicate with their consumers through this channel. Instagram is proven effective to build a relationship between brands and consumers.

All the more, it was important to address the crises and function according to the sentiments of the consumers. While the consumers might not be making a purchase, they are engaging and building a bond with your brand.

Influencers and instagram 

In a recent survey conducted by the International Journal of Marketing studies (2021). We see that 71% of the surveyors, learn about new products/ brands from influencers. 57% follow influencers to keep up with the current trend and 54% of them, follow influencers for promo codes. Promo codes are brand-generated codes, usually specific to an influencer or a group of influencers (in the case of Nanos/Micro-influencers). 

Influencers play a major role in building brand awareness. Instagram influencers can develop personal relationships with their followers.

When it comes to nano/micro-influencers, most of their followers are friends or families. Influencers create a bond and trust with their followers.

Marketing strategies on Instagram consists of three pillars: content, community management, and viral marketing.

Instagram’s features such as reels, live streaming, and IGTV make it a very useful resource for brands to work with influencers. The influencers working with brands can also tag brands and customize hashtags. This makes it really easy for consumers as well as brands that run influencer marketing campaigns, to track efficiently.

Consumers mindset

In a recent article Forbes states that “73 percent of consumers are swayed by companies’ charitable giving when determining where to make purchases”.

The pandemic has taught us a lot of things from the marketing perspective.

Marketers have started to understand that emotions and connections play a major role in conversions. 

Consumers want to know the things brands did for their employees to cope up with the pandemic.

Whatever be the situation currently, it’s important for a brand to stay active and interact with its customers.

We see that a lot of brands have already started to allocate a budget for influencer marketing to achieve this goal. If your brand hasn’t done it yet, it would be a good step in the right direction. 

We at are on a mission to provide jobs for 1 Million nano-influencers during this tough period. If you want to be a part of this, contact us today.